Debunking Some Myths About Sin

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on 1 John 1:8-10.

Urban LegendsWhen it comes to admitting our sin, we shy away. Most often we come up with excuses about sin, and say things like, “I”m not really a bad person”, or “If no one knows, I can get away with it”, or even “I’ve already sinned, I might as well continue”. When we “excuse” our way out of sin, we end up never needing the Savior to forgive us. “If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.” Don’t be deceived, sin is an all-consuming toxic sickness in our lives, and God has given us the remedy through salvation in Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit of God is the only one who can purify you from unrighteousness. The process of this is through our repentance of sins.


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God Allows More Than You Can Handle

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on Urban Legends.

Urban Legends

God will often allow you to have more than you can handle. Why do people die unexpectedly? Why do we have so many with cancer? Why is there so much pain in the world, right now? God is shaping those who have faith to be like Christ. Stop saying, “God won’t give you more than you can handle.” We debunk the myths of spirituality here at Crossroads. Pay attention, so you don’t end up saying the wrong thing to people who are suffering through pain.

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Is God Concerned With My Happiness?

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on debunking the myth of the “Health & Wealth, Prosperity Gospel”.

Urban LegendsThe question goes; “If God wants me to be happy, and I’m not happy, then did God fail me?” What happens when we don’t get our prayers answered the way we want them? What happens when I don’t get the material possessions I wanted, but I have the faith to believe I should get them? What kind of depth of faith do we have if we haven’t yet learned to suffer through the hard times? God has something more for each one of us, and maybe that means not getting the happiness we seek. Join us for this sermon on debunking the myth of the prosperity gospel.


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Do All Roads Lead To God?

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on spiritual “urban legends”.

Urban Legends

Some people think all roads lead to God. Some people think that since Jesus died, everyone is automatically saved. Some people think all religions are the same and all roads lead to God. Who’s right, and how do we know who is right? If one is right, does that make the others wrong? What happens to people outside the faith? Join us this week as we explore whether all roads lead to God or not.


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Just Regret, or Fully Repent?

Mark Jones of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on the final part in our series on Samson.


In the book of Judges, chapter 16, we find Samson in a real bind. Eyes poked out, hands bound by bronze shackles and grinding on a wheel for the Philistines, he is bald and out of strength and out of options. He calls out to the Lord one final time and brings vengeance on the oppressors of Israel. Listen with us, as we look at the final retribution of Samson. When you’re caught in a bind, do you simply have regrets, or can you be truly repentant?


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Character Matters; Slippery Slope To Sin

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on Judges 16.


Samson lived a sorted life.

He was a womanizer and never got a grip on his sin.

He fell to the same habits of sinful living over and over and over again.

What can we learn on this Father’s Day about walking in the ways of faith, rather than slipping down the slope of sinful repetition? Join us as we discover the faithful way to live, through the poor example of Samson.


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Character Matters; When Emotions Run Your Life

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on the life of Samson as a Judge in Israel’s History.


Samson came on the scene around 1300 BC, when Israel was being oppressed by the Philistines. Samson’s life is not one to emulate today. In fact, we can learn a few things about how to walk with God through Samson’s emotionally driven mistakes. Take this journey with us into the better issues of character as we discuss how emotions can run your life, if you are not led by the Holy Spirit.


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