Photo Therapy

I tried something new… taking pictures as therapy.

My pastor friend, Andy Larsen, and I went out to the West side of Seattle tonight for a few hours to talk. We brought our D-SLR cameras along to capture some scenes around Seattle’s waterfront and surroundings.

I am learning to see life with some new perspective, through a new lens if you will.

I bought a new D-SLR camera a few months ago as a new hobby to try to get used to before taking our family summer trip to Panama. I want to figure out how to use this thing a little as a way to journal history in my life a bit. One of the ways that I’m noticing God’s recent activity in my life is through transition. Being “nudged” forward from my recent pastoral call at my local church to something new is a bit unsettling for me. I didn’t expect this nudge from God so suddenly, and to such an unexpected place… which I have yet to discover.

It’s not that I don’t know if God’s going to use me somewhere in His Kingdom, or that God wants to have me join a community of faith where I get to see His glory shining again… it’s that I don’t know when, where, or how it’s all going to work out in my life.

If you’re reading this, I don’t know if you are the praying kind, or if you believe God has a sovereign plan in which He is working all things out for His good… but I believe these sorts of things.

Believing the sovereign will of God, I get to see life through a different lens of sorts. I have a profound trust in the God who made all this creation, in which I’m learning to merely capture glimpses of, at shutter-speed. I don’t have any sort of grip on what the future holds for me, but on a night like tonight in Seattle, I got to see a new picture of God’s magnificent working out of all things good for His glory in the world (or maybe just in Seattle).

The future is a little blurry to me still. Maybe God wants me to trust Him more in the journey, rather than in knowing all the details of the destination. I missed the rapture over the weekend, so maybe God has more work for me to do.

I’m going to keep receiving life’s perspective through various lenses until details can become more in focus. Until then… it’s more photo therapy for me.

Published by Reid Olson

I was a pastor who still knows a personal connection with God and I like to share thoughts and insights to make God's Kingdom a little more tangibly, while sharing conversations on leadership insights. Now I'm a funeral director, still seeking to share about Jesus.

5 thoughts on “Photo Therapy

  1. I think you have amazing talent Reid and these photographs prove it! With the Lord on your side it is true that “the world is your oyster” because you KNOW you can trust Him as a good Father to bless you and lead you all the way! Keep up the hobby as it may be the new door to walk through – awesome!

  2. These pictures are amazing!! Thanks for sharing your art and thoughts. No doubt God’s plan for you will be ‘richer’ than you can imagine.

  3. Reid,
    You just reminded me of why I love photography. It forces me to look at our world through a different lens. It speaks to my soul. Thanks, also to Andy who inspires us all…

  4. Already, a broader influence. It’s a gift to see your eye for beauty and hear your heart for God. I’m excited to see what God will bring your way as you look at the world with a “wider lens!”

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