Ministry is About VISION, Not About Just a Building.

I’ve been learning many things this week, since we were evicted from our current ministry facility… 6 days ago.


I’ve learned about commercial real estate, and may want to pursue my license. Not really.

I’ve learned about which churches in town want to share worship space, and which ones don’t. I’ve learned that some churches are just letting their congregation die with dignity as they try to pay off a mortgage and miss ministry opportunities.

I’ve learned that when God calls many people together to pray, they get serious and pray for God’s leading. 

But one of the most important, maybe THE MOST important lesson I’ve learned in 6 days, since the eviction notice, is that God wants us to seek His intentionally specific vision for ministry in Greeley… more than He wants us to struggle for just buying a building. 

Let me explain – God must be calling Crossroads Greeley to something specific in town, otherwise this entire shakedown would not have happened. I’ve been growing as lead pastor for 13 months here, and we’ve seen our numbers double, disciples begin maturing, baptisms, membership & ministries launching in healthy ways. God is working in His community here in town. This is all good. 

What if there’s more? 

I believe God intentionally brought this shakedown in our midst so that we might seek after His face with more deliberate cooperation to the things of His will in our community. 

Where is God leading you to serve in this town?

What is God doing in YOUR LIFE where you can be one who brings a young believer into a more mature walk with Christ?

Where is God prompting you in our community to be the hands of Jesus as his work of restoration?

Are there marriages that need healing? YES.

Are there ministry opportunities that God is birthing through us, as we seek the work of God in our midst? YES

My prayer is that YOU would join me in re-launching real-life ministry in Greeley, Colorado that will transform lives for God’s glory and last for hundreds of years. 

Don’t get caught up in the idea that this “shakedown” of losing a building is tragic. It’s not. 

This is an opportunity for Crossroads Greeley to see the very working of God leading us to launch life transformation in the Name of Jesus Christ…. not just find a building.

How trite would it be for our church to just “find a new building” and resume ministry as usual. Don’t waste God’s time with talk like that. We have so much more to do here. 

Let’s get to work. I’m in it with you. We’re not alone. WHAT’S YOUR PART IN THIS? 

This opportunity might just be the best way of getting us to see God’s VISION for resurrection than anything else. 

Published by Reid Olson

I was a pastor who still knows a personal connection with God and I like to share thoughts and insights to make God's Kingdom a little more tangibly, while sharing conversations on leadership insights. Now I'm a funeral director, still seeking to share about Jesus.

4 thoughts on “Ministry is About VISION, Not About Just a Building.

  1. I am excited to hear what is going to happen with your Church. I feel that you are going to see something BIg happen. It can’t be business as usual when you fine a new place to worship. The Bible tells us that you can’t put new wine in old wine skins.

    Blessings to all of you.

    Maxine and Duane Miles

  2. Reid,
    What an amazing opportunity before us to seek God’s plan and to ask HIM what things he has for us!! Buildings are overrated! This is the CHURCH in motion. PEOPLE asking how we can be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community-I share your perspective, and I’m excited 🙂

  3. Well said. Great vision! When we get to the end of our rope and all we have is God, we find that God is more than enough. Love you bro.

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