… but I have control issues

I was talking with a friend today about his leadership style. Rather, he was revealing to me that his leadership style lacks a few key components that he has recently become more aware of. He said, “Someone asked me recently, ‘why do you have to do everything yourself, instead of letting other people take theContinue reading “… but I have control issues”

God’s Calling… how do you respond?

A former student from our youth group, now in seminary recently interviewed me for a leadership class. “What, or who influenced your call into ministry?” Without a breath, or a second of reflection, I blurted out, “My parents and my youth pastor.” I grew up a missionary kid in Central and South America and watchedContinue reading “God’s Calling… how do you respond?”

“Transition is easy.” And other lies.

I moved a lot as a kid. I was never in the same home for more than 5 years at a time until I turned 40, just last year. You’d think transition would be a skill one perfects through repetition, like practicing wheelies on a bike, skateboard kick-flips or throwing to second base first forContinue reading ““Transition is easy.” And other lies.”