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Sacrificial Faith As Offering; Cain & Abel

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on Genesis 4.


Cain kills his brother Abel at the beginning of time. Since sin crept into the garden with Adam & Eve, it continues to creep through the lives of everyone. Sin was evident in the first murder in history also. Cain’s offering wasn’t acceptable to God for some reason, but his brother’s was acceptable. What do you do when you get jealous? How do you respond with you don’t feel favored? Do you lash out and kill others around you, even with a look? We can all act like one of these two brothers. Hebrews 11 leads us to believe that faith is the evidence of things hoped for and assurance of things unseen. How do you grow your faith when you’re challenged by competition? In our world of competition and jealousy, God gives us a third way of faith. Join us in Hebrews 11 as we grow in faith.

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Annual Church Check-Up

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on Acts 2:42-47.


Eye testWhen was the last time you had your physical check up? How did it go? When was the last time you had your spiritual church check-up? How did you rate? We take a spiritual survey annually to determine how we’re growing in evangelism, discipleship, worship, fellowship & service to others. How would you rate on these 5 categories in the church body? Join us as we find out together, how we’re doing.

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Helping Houston

Merge Ministries Coordinating Mission Trips to Houston

Sep 1, 2017By Stan Friedman0 Comments

Photo by Gloria Estela Hernández

HOUSTON, TX (September 1, 2017) – Merge Ministries will coordinate mission teams for Covenant congregations that want to travel to the Houston area to help with relief and recovery, it was announced Thursday.

Working through Merge, which has extensive experience planning mission trips, will maximize effectiveness and minimize confusion onsite, said Garth Bolinder, superintendent of the Midsouth Conference.

Needs are currently being assessed. It will probably be at least several days before specific actions will be identified.

To set up a trip, please contact executive director Dale Lusk by email at or call (956) 458-9568.

The Covenant also has set up a special giving page to assist victims of the disaster in the near and long-term future. Donors can contribute online.

“The costs of relief and recovery from Hurricane Harvey will be staggering,” Bolinder said. “All money designated for Houston Hurricane relief will initially be directed to and through our ECC Houston churches and their relief and recovery efforts in their city.”

Midsouth Covenant churches in Austin, Dallas, and the Rio Grande Valley have offered their church buildings and homes to welcome evacuees from the Houston hurricane.

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Your Story Matters to God

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on Luke 8:1-15.

seeds copyThe parable of the farmer sowing seeds is a favorite parable for many. You have a story to tell about how God is working in your life, and as you tell your story, you share the love of God with others. God has you in the right place, at this right time, for God’s kingdom purposes. Don’t squander this life for yourself, rather, make your life accessible to God’s use. How well do you share your faith with others?

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Hurricane Harvey Safe Relief Efforts

floodHurricane Harvey is causing unprecedented and catastrophic flooding in southeastern and south central Texas. With 62 counties under Texas’ disaster declaration, widespread evacuations, 316,000 power outages, and more than 2,000 water rescues since Sunday evening thus far, damage will be of historic proportions.

The Love Mercy Do Justice mission priority, in concert with the Mid-South Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church and Covenant World Relief are partnering to meet immediate needs along the Gulf Coast. Together, we can be a part of alleviating the pain and suffering of those most immediately affected through the provision of evacuation assistance, temporary shelter, food, water, and other felt needs.

The generous giving of Covenanters will enable the church to continue to respond as long-term recovery efforts are launched. We are committed to standing alongside Covenant churches and their partners on the ground in this time of urgent need.

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Working With God, Instead of For God

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on Matthew 9:1-8.


four friends copyThe story of the man healed from paralysis is fascinating. We sometimes mistake it for a simple story of healing, which isn’t ever simple. But this miracle takes a turn and God brings forgiveness along with healing. This is called Shalom in the Bible, God’s salvation (Shalom) is more than peace, it is a wholeness of forgiveness, healing and making things right in the world. Jesus uses this moment in this young man’s life to point others to God. The friends who brought the young man to Jesus were rewarded for their faith. Those who opposed Jesus were dumb founded by his authority from God the Father. All in all this is a wonderful teaching on working with God, instead of for God. Do you understand the difference? Click the link below, and follow along.


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Seeing Through God’s Eyes

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on John 9.


The healing of the blind man is more than a miracle healing, it is an example of the God of all Creation working to create the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ the Messiah. Jesus is the light of the world, and by healing the man born blind, he is bringing God’s light of healing and restoration into our world. Those that opposed this man’s healing testimony, his neighbors, the religious leaders, and even his parents, were caught in a vortex of blame and accusations against the healing, rather than seeing God through who Jesus is. Don’t become blind in this process of blame, rather become seeing through the miracle of Jesus redemption in the world.

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