Hold Life Loosely

My pastor said on Sunday, “Autonomous. The Greek word is ‘auto-nomos’ meaning self-law, or “law unto oneself”. It’s appropriate for adolescents to begin to face developmental changes and grow independently from their parents, but when we resist the leading of God in our lives, we act autonomously and may miss what God intended for us.”Continue reading “Hold Life Loosely”

Kairos Moments

I don’t like car accidents. I mean, who would? There’s always damage done, often physical pain, definitely emotional confusion and chaos, and without question, car accidents leave victims wondering how in the world things could end up like this. I drove back to the church, where my office is, after a long lunch on Monday.Continue reading “Kairos Moments”

No Record of Wrongs

I have a confession to make. It’s not the kind of confession that would merit the Confession App. http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/110834/20110210/confession-application-apple-father-federico-lombardi-not-substitute-sacrament-iphone.htm Maybe you’re like me… but I don’t like Valentine’s Day very much. St. Valentine could have been a nice guy, he must have been worthy of something nice to be canonized. Maybe someday you’ll be canonizedContinue reading “No Record of Wrongs”

Why would you even say something like that…?

“If I had a nickle for every time a students has used that excuse with me… ‘my brother died, and I had to leave your class today’, I’d be a wealthy man. Prove it!” barked the professor at a local university. Maybe a little context might help. Over a year ago, as a pastor, IContinue reading “Why would you even say something like that…?”

Hope, a New Normal

I’ve had something spinning around in my head for the past two months. I went to a friend’s seminar on the Pacific Institute taught by Dr. Lou Tice here in the Pacific NW. One of the days in the seminar we were talking about “setting a new normal” in our mind, so that we mightContinue reading “Hope, a New Normal”

satan is a punk!

I saw the back of a pickup truck filled with mole traps the other day. I asked the Mole Guy if I could shoot a picture of his truck, and he didn’t care. We had a little chat about moles. Did you know… • They can cause $1000’s in damage overnight to your yard •Continue reading “satan is a punk!”

… but I have control issues

I was talking with a friend today about his leadership style. Rather, he was revealing to me that his leadership style lacks a few key components that he has recently become more aware of. He said, “Someone asked me recently, ‘why do you have to do everything yourself, instead of letting other people take theContinue reading “… but I have control issues”