Book of James, Part 4; How to win, over temptation

Published on Feb 4, 2014 Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on 5 strategies for finding victory over temptation. Sin is not something that gets to defeat your soul any longer. You have freedom to have victory over sin in your life, and can learn ways to “win, over temptation”.

Called to Bless

We are in the beginning stages of a new sermon series at Crossroads Greeley Church. This new series is called “Jacob” and we are simply taking a closer look at the life of Abraham’s grandson, Jacob.  (Listen here) God calls his people to bless others. We look at the life of Jacob in Genesis 27 whereContinue reading “Called to Bless”

The Burning Bush Meets Real Life

I like reading the Old Testament of the Bible. It’s interesting to pictures some of the events from today’s perspective looking back into history. In reading it, we find that the God of history interacts the same with us today. I read Exodus 2 & 3 about the beginning of Moses’ life and see theContinue reading “The Burning Bush Meets Real Life”

What Labels You?

Happy Easter! Christ is risen, risen indeed. Today was such a powerful Easter service with Crossroads Greeley. We talked about “doubters” and the label that Apostle Thomas (the twin) received for voicing his lack of belief when the disciples said they had seen the risen Jesus on resurrection Sunday. How do labels (good ones, orContinue reading “What Labels You?”

What is Easter apart from the Cross?

As this week, known as the Passion for Christians, culminates with Resurrection Sunday, it occurs to me that I prefer resurrection over the crucifixion. In short, I don’t like suffering. I like joy, peace, pleasure, comfort, forgiveness, grace… I don’t like to go through hard times in order to grow. In 2008 I climbed Mt.Continue reading “What is Easter apart from the Cross?”

Good Friday is good for whom?

They say that Good Friday is good because Jesus died for us. His death payed the penalty for our sins before God and made us right with Him. I understand that we would not have relationship with God had it not been for Jesus Christ. Have you thought of what Jesus’ death does for God?Continue reading “Good Friday is good for whom?”

In Light of Christ, we have a complete relational identity

Some people hate Valentine’s Day. Not because they’ve got anything against St. Valentine, whoever he was, but because relationships take so much dog-gone work, they’re messy & confusing. Who in the world would ever want to take time to love someone unconditionally?!! What a waste of time, right?!! I beg to differ. At Crossroads GreeleyContinue reading “In Light of Christ, we have a complete relational identity”