Spiritual Warfare; Angels Watching Over Me

We don’t often recognize the work of angels, but they watch over the children of God more often than we realize. Join us as we talk about the reality of angels in the spiritual realm.

Battling With The Dark Side

Don’t take this one on alone. You need God’s spiritual authority to defeat the enemy. Many people don’t believe the devil and his demons even exist, but the Scriptures clearly teach that evil was cast out of people, Jesus came to defeat the power of death and Satan, and we can be free from the dominion of darkness.

The Invisible Battle Around Us

If you have the Spirit of God living within you, if you’ve given your life to God in surrender to His will, then you’re in a fight, a fight for your very life. God has won the victory, but we struggle with battles in the spirit, daily. Battles we cannot see with our natural eyes, but battles that are real and difficult surround us.

It’s Easier Than You Think; small things, BIG DIFFERENCE

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on how to change our way of thinking from stuck in one place, to freedom in Jesus Christ. There are ways to change your thinking format and teach your mind to work for you, rather than fall victim to it’s wishes.

Are you feeling “lucky”, punk? Well, are ya?

I received an email today, that made me think about the character of God.   Dear Reid, I dont know where I got this.  Any idea?  What is your take on it?   Intervention vs. sovereignty I have always thought of karma as a magnetic attraction of good or evil, luck or bad fortune. A personContinue reading “Are you feeling “lucky”, punk? Well, are ya?”

End o’ The Year Evals

I don’t know many people who prefer to evaluate their past year. Most who I talk with prefer to “forget the past” and just keep their eyes on what’s ahead. I resonate with that thought, for sure… but at the end of the year, it’s good to evaluate just a little. Deuteronomy 8:2 says, “RememberContinue reading “End o’ The Year Evals”