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3 Famous Last Words; “He Is Risen”

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on Luke 24 for Easter 2016.


Jesus is no longer in the tomb, the grave is empty and the women tell the others. What are going to be your “famous last words” to the world, or to your family? You have a choice to make in faith. Either you believe and are saved, or you don’t and you won’t. We talk about the famous last words of John the Baptist, of Jesus, of the women and of the Great Commission. Don’t miss this Easter special.


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Which Criminal Are You? Easter 2015

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on the final words of Jesus from the cross.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 11.24.46 AM

“Today you will be with me in paradise.” Luke 23:43. We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, so that we might have free access to God the Father, and relationship through the Holy Spirit. Join us today in hearing which criminal you might be like this Easter. God is seeking after you, to know Him personally through Jesus.

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Pass The Baton of The Spirit

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on Jesus’ final words from the setting of the cross; “It is finished” from John 19:30.

It is finished

When Jesus declared “it” finished, what was he talking about? His work in life, ministry, mission and obedience to the Father had been completed and his death is the culmination of his work.

passing the baton

However, he passes the baton of the Holy Spirit on to us that we might continue the work of faith.

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EASTER 2014 @

Pastor Reid preaches on the power of the resurrection for change in your life.

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Palm Sunday. Jesus; Who Is This King of Glory

Palm Sunday brings all kinds of interpretations of who people think Jesus was… and is.
Who is Jesus? What kind of a king was he? You may be surprised at His mission.

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Ministry is About VISION, Not About Just a Building.

I’ve been learning many things this week, since we were evicted from our current ministry facility… 6 days ago.


I’ve learned about commercial real estate, and may want to pursue my license. Not really.

I’ve learned about which churches in town want to share worship space, and which ones don’t. I’ve learned that some churches are just letting their congregation die with dignity as they try to pay off a mortgage and miss ministry opportunities.

I’ve learned that when God calls many people together to pray, they get serious and pray for God’s leading. 

But one of the most important, maybe THE MOST important lesson I’ve learned in 6 days, since the eviction notice, is that God wants us to seek His intentionally specific vision for ministry in Greeley… more than He wants us to struggle for just buying a building. 

Let me explain – God must be calling Crossroads Greeley to something specific in town, otherwise this entire shakedown would not have happened. I’ve been growing as lead pastor for 13 months here, and we’ve seen our numbers double, disciples begin maturing, baptisms, membership & ministries launching in healthy ways. God is working in His community here in town. This is all good. 

What if there’s more? 

I believe God intentionally brought this shakedown in our midst so that we might seek after His face with more deliberate cooperation to the things of His will in our community. 

Where is God leading you to serve in this town?

What is God doing in YOUR LIFE where you can be one who brings a young believer into a more mature walk with Christ?

Where is God prompting you in our community to be the hands of Jesus as his work of restoration?

Are there marriages that need healing? YES.

Are there ministry opportunities that God is birthing through us, as we seek the work of God in our midst? YES

My prayer is that YOU would join me in re-launching real-life ministry in Greeley, Colorado that will transform lives for God’s glory and last for hundreds of years. 

Don’t get caught up in the idea that this “shakedown” of losing a building is tragic. It’s not. 

This is an opportunity for Crossroads Greeley to see the very working of God leading us to launch life transformation in the Name of Jesus Christ…. not just find a building.

How trite would it be for our church to just “find a new building” and resume ministry as usual. Don’t waste God’s time with talk like that. We have so much more to do here. 

Let’s get to work. I’m in it with you. We’re not alone. WHAT’S YOUR PART IN THIS? 

This opportunity might just be the best way of getting us to see God’s VISION for resurrection than anything else. 


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What is Easter apart from the Cross?

As this week, known as the Passion for Christians, culminates with Resurrection Sunday, it occurs to me that I prefer resurrection over the crucifixion.

In short, I don’t like suffering. I like joy, peace, pleasure, comfort, forgiveness, grace… I don’t like to go through hard times in order to grow.

In 2008 I climbed Mt. Rainier with a group of friends from church, and the climb was killer, but the exhilaration of standing on the top of the world, was worth overlooking my pain in the climb. I still don’t like the pain, and I often complain about it to whoever will listen.

As I think about the weekend approaching, I recall that Jesus never complained about having to face the cross. Is there a Scripture I’m missing where Jesus focuses on himself and whines about the coming pain? Is there somewhere in the Bible where Jesus complains about walking everywhere, or not having something to eat, or not having any money on his ATM card, so he forgoes that caramel macchiato at M&M’s (Mary & Martha’s) Coffee & Espresso stand? I don’t think so. Then, why do I complain so much when things don’t go my way?

I’m just sayin’, I’d rather have the rewards of the resurrection, than the pain of the cross, and I think lots of Christians feel the same. Do you?

But, were it not for the cross, we wouldn’t have resurrection. I don’t mean just Jesus’ resurrection. We wouldn’t experience resurrection in anything of our own. Hope is missing if not for the pain of the cross. We have hope because Christ suffered a brutal death. We gain hope when we suffer, because hope is the dream for something better out there. Hope is the glory of the cross. If not for suffering, struggle, pain, absence, abandonment, betrayal, denial, doubt… if not for these things, we don’t experience hope to come.

Watchman Nee (China, 1903-1972) writes,

“God must bring us to a point – I cannot tell you how it will be, but He will do it – where, through a deep and dark experience, our natural power is touched and fundamentally weakened, so that we no longer dare trust ourselves. He has had to deal with some of us very harshly, and take us through difficult and painful ways, in order to get us there… But then at last it is, that He can begin to use us. We would like to have death and resurrection put together within one hour of each other. We cannot face the thought that God will keep us aside for so long a time; we cannot bear to wait. And I cannot tell you how long He will take, but in principle I think it is quite safe to say this, that there will be a definite period when He will keep you there… All is in darkness, but it is only for a night. It must indeed be a full night, but that is all. Afterwards you will find that everything is given back to you in glorious resurrection; and nothing can measure the difference between what was before and what now is!”

How have you been avoiding pain in your life due to your sense of control, or a need to maintain composure, or even your desire to “look good” in all situations?

How would it grow you to walk through your pain, rather than work so hard to avoid it, so that you might experience true resurrection?

There is a hope awaiting you in the future, but it takes “the way of the cross” for us to experience it fully.

Quick story to end: Someone came to our church, Crossroads Greeley, back in February of this year. After the service he came up to me and said, “Pastor, thank you for speaking truth to me today.” I welcomed him into our fellowship, met his wife and young baby. I didn’t hear from him for weeks and wondered if they were still around. Another friend told me that he turned himself into the police, after that Sunday, for a crime he’d committed and of which he wasn’t convicted, years ago. He’s now serving his time, as a new man of God. He’s going through the pain of his cross as a criminal (Jesus wasn’t a criminal), and he’s longing for the hope of freedom to come.

Again, I’m a wimp. I don’t like pain. I avoid the crosses in my life, and don’t like to endure hardship for the sake of the gospel… but God is asking us to long for the hope of resurrection only after experiencing the crosses in life. I’ll grow through this, if you’ll grow with me.


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