Connect Before We Expect (Acts 17)

We notice the evangelism style of the Apostle Paul in this chapter. He’s not like modern day evangelicals, who preach at people and offend them with their approach.


Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on having the vision of God for His people. We are called to live as a health, missional church. The ten marks of this kind of faith are seen as we work together to reach people far away from us, and people in our very community.Continue reading “HEALTHY series; FAR SIGHTED & NEAR SIGHTED”

HEALTHY series; Intentional Evangelism

What does the word “evangelism” make you think of today? It’s been a little abused as a word over the past decade, but it’s time to dig deep into it’s real meaning. Don’t miss this sermon from Pastor Reid. As you navigate the waters of “sharing your faith”, you’ll come to understand that it’s notContinue reading “HEALTHY series; Intentional Evangelism”

Plant More Trees

I love preaching at Crossroads Greeley. We have an amazing fellowship of believers and God is doing awesome things in our area of the world.  Last weekend I preached on “Plant More Trees“, which is a take off from Bill Hybels and the Willow Creek Association conference about evangelism. Thank you Bill.  We are preachingContinue reading “Plant More Trees”