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God’s “B-Team” People (Acts 9)

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on Acts 9.

LIGHTHOUSEThis is one of the most famous chapters in the book of Acts. The terrorist, Saul, was still breathing murderous threats to the Church when the Lord Jesus, himself, knocked Saul off his personal mission. When the Lord got ahold of Saul, it took some “not-so-famous” people to rally around him and get him on the right mission. Today we talk about Ananias, Barnabas, the Widows and even Simon the tanner. These kind of “B-Team” players, are people like you and me, who play a role in the shaping of God’s Kingdom on earth, as it is in heaven.

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Your Words Matter; small things, BIG DIFFERENCE

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley starts a new sermon series about the little things.


When you do the little things right, the big differences begin to happen right in your life. Pay attention to the details. Start small. Be faithful & discover what God has for you.

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Good Friday is good for whom?

They say that Good Friday is good because Jesus died for us. His death payed the penalty for our sins before God and made us right with Him. I understand that we would not have relationship with God had it not been for Jesus Christ.

Have you thought of what Jesus’ death does for God? If you take a moment and think of events, not as anthropomorphic (people centered), but as from God’s perspective, we realize that God’s work in the death of Jesus is what redeems His creation back to Him. God created the world out of His fullest expression of love. As trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, God’s perfect love among the try-unity is expressed in creating humanity. We’re not just something more to love, but we are given the capacity to love God back and reflect his love to the world.

Good Friday was brutal on Jesus Christ. He was betrayed, beaten and buried for real relationship with us, and we have the capacity to receive this gift from God. But is this gift for us only, or could this gift of relationship be for God to receive too? Is it possible that God is pleased to receive relationship with us, his creation, because of the death and resurrection of Jesus?

When I think about the price of Jesus’ life for mine, I get self-centered and think Good Friday is for me… but God is showing me that Good Friday is possibly more for Him, Jesus and Holy Spirit as they are receiving the redemption of Creation through the work of God. May we come to embrace Good Friday as good for us & good for God as we both receive one another in relationship.

How do you see Good Friday?


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“I Believe”… On The 3rd Day, Jesus Rose Again.

Audio sermon series
Apostles’ Creed
@ Pine Lake Covenant Church,
Sammamish, WA
February 2011
John 20:1, 11-18, 30-31

Listen now:
On the third day, Jesus rose again

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