Book of James; How to Be Blessed by the Bible

Published on Feb 9, 2014 Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on James 1:18-27. Reading the Bible is God’s way to find peace, comfort, hope and wisdom. You’ll discover that when you prepare the soil of your soul, walk in the light of God, and respond to the Gardener, you’ll find peaceContinue reading “Book of James; How to Be Blessed by the Bible”

Suffering & Hope

It’s an age-old question – “Why do bad things happen to good people?” As you know from the headlines… suffering is real in our world. –      Boston Marathon bombing –      Poisonous letters sent to the President –      N. Korea nuclear threats –      Stabbings on college campuses –      Fertilizer explosion in West, TX…         This hitsContinue reading “Suffering & Hope”

What is Easter apart from the Cross?

As this week, known as the Passion for Christians, culminates with Resurrection Sunday, it occurs to me that I prefer resurrection over the crucifixion. In short, I don’t like suffering. I like joy, peace, pleasure, comfort, forgiveness, grace… I don’t like to go through hard times in order to grow. In 2008 I climbed Mt.Continue reading “What is Easter apart from the Cross?”

Waiting for the End

Linkin Park sings “Waiting for the End”… This is not the end / This is not the beginning / Just a voice like a riot / Rocking every revision / But you listen to the tone / And the violent rhythm / Though the words sound steady / Something emptys within em / We sayContinue reading “Waiting for the End”