Payton Manning is a loser… and so am I

Grace, grace… and more grace. This is a post floating around FB this week.   Highly appropriate for the way I am feeling about Broncos loss on Sunday.  I recognize that failure is part of life and grows us up to be more like Christ along the way. Not that Christ ever failed, but hisContinue reading “Payton Manning is a loser… and so am I”

What is Easter apart from the Cross?

As this week, known as the Passion for Christians, culminates with Resurrection Sunday, it occurs to me that I prefer resurrection over the crucifixion. In short, I don’t like suffering. I like joy, peace, pleasure, comfort, forgiveness, grace… I don’t like to go through hard times in order to grow. In 2008 I climbed Mt.Continue reading “What is Easter apart from the Cross?”

Why would you even say something like that…?

“If I had a nickle for every time a students has used that excuse with me… ‘my brother died, and I had to leave your class today’, I’d be a wealthy man. Prove it!” barked the professor at a local university. Maybe a little context might help. Over a year ago, as a pastor, IContinue reading “Why would you even say something like that…?”