A Year of Transition

I once preached a message to high school students at Covenant Point Bible Camp and said, “Change is hard, but change is good.” The youth group students at that camp continued to message me on FB for months after that reminding me about the difficulties of changes in their lives, while remaining optimistic about theContinue reading “A Year of Transition”

Remembering 2011

As the calendar turns one more round on the spindle, and we make our way toward another year, I have a question. What stands out in your past year, or so, as moments where God has broken through “time on a clock” (chronos time), to get you to recognize “opportunity time” (kairos time) in yourContinue reading “Remembering 2011”

La Semana Que Viene es Nuestra última Semana en Panamá

It’s official, if you’re keeping track… The Olsons have lived in Playa Blanca, Panama for 6 weeks now and are enjoying our final week in this paradise. We’ve experienced some extraordinary activities in the past few weeks that are worth recounting. A couple weekends ago we decided to quite spending so much money on meals,Continue reading “La Semana Que Viene es Nuestra última Semana en Panamá”

Driving Courtesy in Panama

I’ve discovered something new about driving in Panama… and I totally love it. When we get to the end of our day, like 8pm, and it’s time for dinner, we like to go out as a family and find a local “place to eat”. We pile into our tiny Toyota, Yaris and hit the road.Continue reading “Driving Courtesy in Panama”

Still Learning to Unplug

so… this is really difficult to do… for me… and for us as a family. One would think that 7 weeks off, in a foreign country, on the 10th floor of a fabulous beach condo would be an easy venture. On one level, it really is a beautiful adventure for us. This is quite theContinue reading “Still Learning to Unplug”

get ready… get set… Sabbath Rest

We landed in Panama City, were greeted by some friends of our friends in New York & Chicago, connected to the Covenant. Sally met us at the airport after customs and immigration and walked right up and said, “Hi, are you the Olson’s I’ve been reading about?” We loaded her Land Cruiser (darn, I missContinue reading “get ready… get set… Sabbath Rest”