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Who Has Authority Over Your Life?

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on Colossians 1:15-23.

question+authorityAuthority in society is always in question these days. It seems like people don’t respect police anymore, and don’t respect the government anymore. There seems to be a waning respect for all authority in our society, but have we also lost respect for the authority of Jesus in our lives? As we read through this account of Apostle Paul’s letter to the Colossians, we see that the authority of Jesus is the supreme thing with which we must identify. How are you letting the authority of Jesus have its rightful place in your life?

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Is God Concerned With My Happiness?

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on debunking the myth of the “Health & Wealth, Prosperity Gospel”.

Urban LegendsThe question goes; “If God wants me to be happy, and I’m not happy, then did God fail me?” What happens when we don’t get our prayers answered the way we want them? What happens when I don’t get the material possessions I wanted, but I have the faith to believe I should get them? What kind of depth of faith do we have if we haven’t yet learned to suffer through the hard times? God has something more for each one of us, and maybe that means not getting the happiness we seek. Join us for this sermon on debunking the myth of the prosperity gospel.


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