Stay Committed To Your Faith (Acts 7)

Would you die for your faith, if it came down to it? Would you be willing to stand up for your faith in God, no matter the cost? Sometimes Christian believers go through unimaginable trials, but God is with us and will never leave us.

Don’t Neglect Leadership; Acts 6

How do you choose people to hire in your company? How do you represent yourself when seeking employment? These leadership events that occurred in Acts 6 are enlightening enough to our faith, that they model Godly character for us to live by.

Enemies of the Heart

Andy Stanley’s book, “Enemies of the Heart” has spoken to me in the past month or so. I’m sharing it with our local church through a preaching series.  We have discovered that emotions can attack us at the most inopportune times, but what matters is how we respond to them. Last weekend at Crossroads Greeley,Continue reading “Enemies of the Heart”

Marriage Advice

What’s your favorite marriage advice, tips, or all-around good things to know? Things like:  Don’t let the sun go down on your anger Pay your bills on time Be on the “same team” when disciplining your kids You can never say “I love you” enough…    What other advice would you share with me? I’mContinue reading “Marriage Advice”