“The Pastor; a Memoir” book review

“Story is a way of language in which everything and everyone is organically related,” writes Eugene Peterson in his most recent The Pastor, A Memoir “Every step an arrival”. Story is exactly how Peterson finds his voice in relating to any and all of us, whether on pastoral call or congregational laity. Reading Peterson’s TheContinue reading ““The Pastor; a Memoir” book review”

Still Learning to Unplug

so… this is really difficult to do… for me… and for us as a family. One would think that 7 weeks off, in a foreign country, on the 10th floor of a fabulous beach condo would be an easy venture. On one level, it really is a beautiful adventure for us. This is quite theContinue reading “Still Learning to Unplug”

get ready… get set… Sabbath Rest

We landed in Panama City, were greeted by some friends of our friends in New York & Chicago, connected to the Covenant. Sally met us at the airport after customs and immigration and walked right up and said, “Hi, are you the Olson’s I’ve been reading about?” We loaded her Land Cruiser (darn, I missContinue reading “get ready… get set… Sabbath Rest”