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Annual Church Check-Up

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on Acts 2:42-47.


Eye testWhen was the last time you had your physical check up? How did it go? When was the last time you had your spiritual church check-up? How did you rate? We take a spiritual survey annually to determine how we’re growing in evangelism, discipleship, worship, fellowship & service to others. How would you rate on these 5 categories in the church body? Join us as we find out together, how we’re doing.

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Your Story Matters to God

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on Luke 8:1-15.

seeds copyThe parable of the farmer sowing seeds is a favorite parable for many. You have a story to tell about how God is working in your life, and as you tell your story, you share the love of God with others. God has you in the right place, at this right time, for God’s kingdom purposes. Don’t squander this life for yourself, rather, make your life accessible to God’s use. How well do you share your faith with others?

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Following Jesus; “How May I Serve You”?

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on Philippians 2.

serve copyJesus is the humble servant. Paul teaches the young church at Philippi that the way to serving is through humility. Join us as we learn what it means to serve the community. Click here for more.


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The Right To Be Heard; Acts 28

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on Acts 28.

Lighthouse_picPaul the Apostle, is now on the island of Malta where a snake wraps around his hand. He is not overcome by the snake bite, just like we are not overcome by the serpent’s sting of death. Satan has no power over the believer in Jesus Christ. Paul moves to healing everyone on the island, just like ┬áthe beginning of the book of Acts where the Spirit of God is active in healing his people. Then Paul spends 2 more years waiting trial before Caesar in Rome. He speaks to all who would listen. How do you share your faith with others? Do you have the right to be heard in their lives?


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Always Be Prepared (Acts 26)

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on Acts 26.

Acts_lighthouseThe Apostle Paul stands before King Agrippa and gives testimony, once again, about the reason for the hope he has in Christ. It reminds me of 1 Peter 3:15 where Peter writes, “But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect…” When Paul is speaking about his faith in God, he uses gentleness and respect. He wants everyone everywhere to know Jesus. How are you sharing the hope of the gospel of Jesus with people? Does your hope in God become a talking point with others? How can you set apart Christ as Lord in your life?


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What Is Your S.T.O.R.Y. & Why Does It Matter? (Acts 22)

Pastor Reid Olson of Crossroads Church of Greeley teaches on Acts 22.

screen-shot-2017-02-20-at-9-01-56-pmWe see that the Apostle Paul is given the opportunity to share his testimony in a public setting. This is Paul giving his defense for why the people shouldn’t kill him. We can learn something from Luke writing Paul’s personal testimony in the book of Acts. We learn to start at the very beginning, tell the truth about your past, offer your life to God, reject your stinking thinking, and your story isn’t for you, anyways. Join us as we learn how to share our testimony of faith with others.

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Alaska Mission 2011

30 students/adults continue to lead well and serve the Kingdom of God in Alaska.


They are concentrating on a small transitional housing unity called the Merrit Inn. Children of the local families are invited to sing bible songs, listen to stories of faith and participate together in learning about Jesus.

While ministry is occurring with kids, the students on the team have broken into work groups. They are taking on challenges of clearing an area for a new playground play set.


A local equipment rental shop heard about our group’s participation from another state, and offered to donate the use of their bobcat dozer for the day, free of charge.


One of the students in the group has dozer operating experience and has taken the challenge of clearing the entire area for the playground set. He’s a high school kid who feels that he doesn’t measure up to other kids because of low grades and social exclusion sometimes. But a situation like needing a bobcat operator brought his skill to perfect use and he’s now the champion of the group. He cleared the area and leveled the ground for the other kids to add the playground equipment. The lesson we’ve learned this week is that different people with various gifts are all needed for the purpose and mission of God. No one kid needs to be the all-star, but together, the entire group brings glory to God.


In the grand scheme of things, God is being glorified for His perfect orchestration of gifting, timing and meeting needs as they come up. We enjoyed an hour at the beach of Kenai after the work day, and though the sun was shining, the cool air reminded us that we are truly alive when we work together and depend on God’s leading.

In the middle of all the “giving and serving”, word has gotten out to the Mayor of Kenai that these kids are doing something different for the community. He offered to come to the work site on Thursday to bring us all pizza and, with news cameras rolling, he’ll offering his thanks to the group.

Let’s always remember that we are the body of Christ when we work together.

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